It is essential for regulators and company experts to keep up-to-date with science and technology by receiving first-hand information direct from a practitioner, who offers solutions and support.
3R PHARMA CONSULTING provides basic introductory courses as well as specialised workshops and training courses tailored to the need of the customer. The courses can either be organised in-house or externally.

What we offer:


  • Courses on GMP topics like preparation of an inspection;
  • Courses on Stability Testing including design of cost-effective stability protocols;
  • Courses on statistical analysis of stability data.




29 September 2017| Münster [Germany]
Phytotherapiekongress 2017
Presentation „Betulin in der Therapie akuter Hautverletzungen – Innovation und Evidenz“ (T. Zahn)

14 September 2017 | Prague [Czech Republic]
BioAnalytical and Analytical Summit
Post-Conference Workshop "Successfully Handling Temperature Excursions and Using Stability Data to Support Product Shelf-Life during Transport and Shipping" (M. Zahn)

30 January 2017 | London [UK]
Temperature Controlled Logistics
Stability Testing Training Course (M. Zahn)


28 November 2016 | Berlin [Germany]
IQPC / Pharma iQ Quality Training Services
Stability Testing Course
13 October 2016 | London [UK]
The Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group (Royal Pharmaceutical Society)
"The impact of temperature and humidity excursions during storage and distribution"
14-15 September 2016 | Berlin [Germany]
informa Stability Testing
Pre-Conference Workshop: 13 September 2016
Successfully Handling Temperature Excursions and Using Stability Data to Support Product Shelf-Life during Transport and Shipping
13-14 April 2016 | Pretoria [South Africa]
SAAPI Conference 2016 "Success through Synergy"
"Data integrity - the new pillar in GMP?"
"Quality by Design"
"The science behind the data in your dossier"



24-26 November 2015 | Berlin [Germany]
informa VetSummit
"Stability Testing of Veterinary Medicines"
25-26 March 2015 | London [UK]
informa Stability Testing for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics
Pre-Conference Workshop: "Legal Framework and Regulatory Requirements"
"Calculation of remaining shelf-life after temperature excursions during shipment"

14-15 October 2014 | Bonn [Germany]
DGRA Regulatory Procedures in Asia
"Quality and Stability Requirements"
18-19 March 2014 | London [UK]
informa Stability Testing for Pharmaceuticals
Pre-Conference Workshop: 17 March 2014
Practically Managing Temperature Excursions
Presentation on 18 March 2014
"Stability studies for countries in Climatic Zones III, IVA and IVB"
11-13 February 2014 | Berlin [Germany]
Veterinary Medicine: From Vision to Product
Evening Seminar: 12 February 2014
"Stability by Design for Veterinary Medicines"
Presentation on 13 February 2014
"Practical Advice on Developing a Stability Protocol for the Global Market"